How large, medium-sized and small business benefits from the policy of equality and prevention of domestic violence

Number of pages: 58
Publication date: 2020
Author: Алла Зінченко, Наталія Кошовська, Світлана Павлиш, Марина Саприкіна

The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and the CSR Ukraine conducted a study “Gender equality and response to domestic violence in the private sector of Ukraine: call for action”. In view of that, we engaged human resources development departments of Ukrainian and international companies in drafting of these Guiding Principles. We are grateful to those many partners who were involved in the research work, lent their expert support and participated in interviews and working groups in the course of preparing this publication. Until recently, the issues of gender equality and prevention of domestic violence were dealt with only by the State and by international and public associations. Participation of one of the key stakeholders, business, was lacking. Clearly, involvement of the business community and employers in addressing these issues is dictated by time and today’s challenges; besides, it will allow strengthening and expediting creation of a world of equal opportunities considerably. It is not a secret that the theme of gender equality promotion, particularly in terms of preventing and countering domestic violence is rather new to many business representatives. There is a need to raise awareness on, and improve understanding of, how the business sector can get involved and what first steps should be taken in that direction. Similarly, there is a demand for mainstreaming of relevant policies as a part of corporate practices. According to the study findings, a half of the respondents replied that special company policies could reduce the negative impact of domestic violence on professional life of employees, and another 53% see a personal need for the “work and life balance” corporate policies.

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