“Equally valuable in business” – media project on corporate family-friendly policies during war

The media project “Equally valuable in business” was realized as part of cooperation with the corporate sector to promote the concept of “family-friendly policies” in wartime using the media resources of the New Voice (NV) holding.

The initiative is implemented within the framework of the UNFPA, UN Population Fund, “Springboard to Equality” and “EU for Gender Equality: Together Against Gender Stereotypes and Gender-Based Violence” projects with the financial support of the European Union and Sweden in cooperation with UN Women and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine.

The subject of the project is corporate practices implemented by employers within the corporate social responsibility of businesses for supporting employees and their families during the war, including gender equality, non-discrimination, and prevention of domestic violence.

The most common practices of companies are assistance and financial support during the relocation of employees to safe regions; psychological aid for the formation of stress resistance and adaptation to life in crisis conditions; the ability to work remotely; hotlines for individual appeals; training to increase awareness of the principles of gender equality and prevention of domestic violence, etc.

The project consists of 10 radio interviews with members of the Corporate Alliance and Responsible Business Rating – representatives of Ukrainian and international businesses from various industries (agriculture, IT, media, etc.). Companies include Eleks, Vandra Rugs, Starlight Media, Electrolux, Avon, SoftServe, Corteva, Kernel, and Shakhtar Social. Member of Parliament  Maryna Bardina, who advocated the legislative initiative to grant 14-day paid leave to fathers upon the birth of a child, in her interview, highlighted the government’s position on supporting a corporate culture of equal rights and opportunities for men and women.

The interviews were published as articles and podcasts.

Project’s page (all podcasts and articles): https://biz.nv.ua/ukr/markets/rivno-cinni-u-biznesi-50289911.html

Long-reads finished the project with key findings and comments from a gender expert.

  1. Longread on the “NV” website: Are women and men equally valuable in business? Let’s consider whether approaches to this issue have changed during the war in Ukraine
  2. Longread on the “Ukrainian Pravda” website: Women hold only 29% of management positions. What is wrong with gender equality in companies and what to do


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